What grounds do you have for telling people to keep tithing local?

Fair question

Here is my answer.

For years the church has told may little white lies about how tithing from the USA is being used in New Zealand.

Hamula tried to mislead me on this matter several times.

I believe Hamula knows who forged the prophets signature on the document submitted to the NZ government in 2011.

The Church has known about this doc for four years and has been silent. It hAs been on my blog for years and thousands of people have viewed it.

The 2016 church financial statement that was recently submitted to the NZ government proves that 100% of the Temple View housing project is being funded with tithing donations from the USA.

This violates gospel tithing doctrine.


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  1. The Church has made it impossible for its members to live the law of tithing as described in the scriptures. It is incumbent on the members to follow the words of the Lord, as found in scripture, first and foremost. Before anyone dismisses this view by saying LDS believe in following living prophets and continuing revelation, please share the revelation rescinding the Lords words concerning tithing and the management of His money as found in the D&C. Of course, no such revelation exists. Due to the Church not adhering to the Lords words concerning tithing, thereby making it impossible for its members to fulfill their covenants through the Church medium, the members must fulfill their covenants themselves. Ra’s suggestion for individuals to share tithing locally is a good start.

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