Six people paid $912,000.00 in salaries from sacred tithing funds

First audited financial report filed with the New Zealand government. Filed this past week.

Debunks the lies spread by church leaders about the use of sacred tithing funds in New Zealand. In 2016 six (6) people were paid $912,000.00 in salaries. So called key management personal on the Temple View project. In 2015 6 people were paid $1,002,000.00 in salaries.

This is the widows might. Children are going hungry while these donated funds are paying the fat salaries of unaccountable bureaucrats.

You are not powerless. If you don’t agree with this practice then Stop paying your tithing. Make anonymous donations to families and other good causes in your community. We can force them to practice what they preach.  Read the tithing doctrine in the D&C, pray about this, then make a proactive choice.




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