South Pacific Tithing Doctrine

Property Reserve Inc employees speaking at a church fireside on Sunday.

So what does this have to do with Tithing funds? All the projects we are focusing on tonight are tithing funded projects. All the projects of the church that are tithing funded are handled by the Council of Disposition of Tithing and many of us remember in General Conference, the Auditor that stands up and gives a report from the Council of Disposition of Tithes – that includes the first Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve and the Presiding Bishopric. Obviously as you work in a Council – whether it’s a Ward or Stake Council, the Council councils and who makes the decision? The presiding authority. So in this case the First Presidency made the decision. They make all decisions. And this project is funded by tithing funds . This project is reviewed by the First Presidency. The First Presidency can’t implement it – there’s only three of them. They turn it over to the Presiding Bishopric and they say, take care of it. The Bishopric implement it.  Bishop Stevenson, Bishop Causee, Bishop Davies are responsible for all church funded projects throughout the world.   All investment properties, all business of the church, all construction of the church, all temples construction, all of this – how do they do all of that? They have to in turn delegate it to some one else. That goes down the line. Bishop Davies has asked us to work on behalf of him. In that process, our assignment is to simply implement the church’s (?) – it’s pretty simple. That’s what we’re here for. Brother Money will be retiring at the end of this month. I’ll be staying here for a period of time, I keep telling my wife a year and a half – that’s our goal. We have very good people we work with. It’s not necessary that we’re here all the time. We’ll turn it over at some point in time to individuals who are already here working who are very capable.

Tithing funds are not used for real estate development projects in North America. But they are used for real estate development projects in New Zealand.


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