LDS Church ‘retires’ Mormon apostle’s ‘little factory’ pamphlet

For 40 years, Mormon apostle Boyd K. Packer’s advice to teenage boys about their “little factories” was widely distributed inside the LDS Church and widely mocked outside it.

Now the pamphlet “To Young Men Only” — which addressed the issue of masturbation to help boys as they navigate puberty — has been removed from the faith’s website and for ecclesiastical leaders to obtain printed copies.

The big factory pamphlet.  (D&C 121:36-42)

These little boys grew up to be prideful temple recommend holding priesthood holders who shame, abuse, shame then divorce their spouses after decades of marriage. The myopic and immature expectations of a never ending on demand polygamy style of sexual relationship from their wife / slave, are shattered by reality, a few wrinkles, weight gain, various levels of natural asexuality and a woman that speaks her mind. They are pissed that the church has disavowed polygamy for a season, and that they are stuck with only one wife. They envy Brigham Young, dream of 70 virgins, polygamy nirvana and the 50 room mansion above in the celestial kingdom. Topics never addressed honestly and compassionately in general priesthood meeting, Sunday school, relief  society, sacrament meeting or in the proclamation on the family. The silence from the church on this moral and  spiritual cancer is deafening and enabling. The temple recommend is a license to act like an idiot and a priesthood bigot. The LGBT community is the smoke screen of  convenience. Remember President Hinckley calling priesthood holders to repentance over racism in 2006. Ugly and Unacceptable. Who will stand up and be the voice of warning in 2016?


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