Vitality of the Question

The vitality of the inquiring mind and the question has been reduced to the significance of a firecracker.

My mission president told me that faith is a motivating conviction that moves one to ACTION. Joseph Smith acted and asked a question that we celebrate.

In 2016 those who ask questions are not celebrated they are persecuted. They are labeled as faithless, enemies of the church and impure.

But can there be faith without questions. NO. Jesus said knock. Our own scriptures teach the vitality and critical nature of the inquiring mind. The question is the frequency and channel on which God communicates with each of us in the moment. It is the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. The question is born of charity, love and courage. Nothing improves without the question.

It turned an outcast into the Good Samaritan, it took Samuel the Lamanite to the top of the wall, and turned Mathew Cowley into a beloved apostle of the South Pacific. He questioned the endless policy meetings in Salt Lake City. In the 1940’s he questioned the racist white and delight-some doctrine, telling native peoples to not worry about their skin turning white, just be the best Native American and Polynesian that you can be. (This was before the tanning bed was invented. ha)This made him unpopular with the brethren and the establishment so they sent him away to be with the people.

Without the question faith becomes a transactional noun not an internalized transformational  verb. It is reduced to a math equation 2+2=4 repeated endlessly while running around like Mrs Bucket in the English comedy Keeping up Appearances.



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