Sleepwalk on the path of discipleship

Conference Notes

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Monson’s second counselor, opened Saturday’s sessions by warning his listeners in the 15.6 million-member church not to take LDS principles for granted.

“In this church, we have been given so much. We are surrounded by such an astonishing wealth of light and truth that I wonder if we truly appreciate what we have,” he said. “Life-changing truths are before our eyes and at our fingertips, but sometimes we sleepwalk on the path of discipleship. Too often we let ourselves be distracted by the imperfections of our fellow members instead of following the example of our Master. We tread a path covered with diamonds, but we can scarcely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles.”

What does the Almighty want in return, Uchtdorf asked, for the “flood of light and truth God has poured out upon us?”

Only that believers “live by the truth we have received,” he said, “and that we follow the path he has provided.”


In New  Zealand $150,000.00 is spent on false and misleading engineering and historical reports claiming David O McKay was of significance to LDS only. When questioned leaders refuse to take personal responsibility and repent. They excused their actions by saying that we are no longer using those consultants.


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