Beca retained to do Huntly chapel seismic upgrade after being dismissed from Temple View projects.




Email sent to church leaders today:

Kent Money told me the church would no longer be using Beca on any projects in Temple View because of the false and unprofessional work they did on the David O McKay structural report.

Yet the Church continued to use Beca on the Huntly Chapel project?  This report also looks very suspect and similar in many ways to the streams of imprecise yet accurate misinformation in the CCNZ report. Every section of their report on CCNZ has been debunked.
You took a 17 year old boy to court for stealing old rugby uniforms from the school after it closed. A compassionate judge dismissed the case.
Yet you turn a blind eye to professional theft of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions over 20 years, of dollars of sacred tithing funds.  Beca sees the church as an easy mark and easy money. No one asks the tough professional engineering based questions to protect the Lords funds. No accountability and no worries for Beca to create reports that are riddled with shades of grey, half lies, deception and as so aptly described by a church leader in Salt Lake ….. “imprecise yet still accurate.”
And we claim to follow Jesus Christ.
Ra Puriri

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