The hypnotic illusion of unrighteous dominion and the “sparkle doctrine.”

The brethren  want Temple View to “SPARKLE”. This often repeated refrain along with “we are protecting the environs of the temple” have become the marketing speak driving the $100 million + spend in Temple View New Zealand.

What is the “SPARKLE” doctrine? I have been unable to find any reference to the sparkle doctrine in the standard works, conference talks or

We can see its fruits.

Thirty (3o) families were evicted from church owned housing. These affordable homes were labeled as functionally obsolete and demolished. At the same time $100,000 + was spent to remodel another functionally obsolete house for the project manager. The demolished homes have been replaced with six (6) – $500,000.00 homes that few can afford. Thirty families evicted to make way for six families. Sparkle.

A wall of shame that hides the older and less prosperous part of Temple View, has been constructed. You will see what we want you to see. Sparkle.

A memorial park to the labor missionaries is  being constructed, while in Temple View there are labor missionaries in poor health, unable to afford appropriate health care and living in poverty conditions. Some of their children living in Temple View have not been visited by home teachers in years. Praise them not care for them. Sparkle.

Three roundabouts at a cost of over $3 million have been constructed while some families do not have the funds to send their sons and daughters on missions. Millions for building roundabouts but zero for building Gods Kingdom and supporting his missionaries. Sparkle.

The sparkle doctrine is building the most expensive stake center in the church, under the pretense that it will increase current activity rates of around 30% to over 50%. It is believed that the full size basketball court will add another 10% to the activity rate. The promises of the great and spacious building, while our brothers and sisters in Africa and South America meet under a tree on Sunday. Sparkle.

Church employees have stated that the sparkle doctrine is designed to bring more prosperous people to Temple View. They claim that the prosperity fence will protect the environs of the temple by keeping crime, prostitution and the ills of poverty hidden from the sensitive eyes of temple goers. Social engineering and economic discrimination. Sparkle.

The oft repeated motto of the sparkle doctrine is, and I quote: “the information is imprecise yet still accurate.”



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