The Magic Kingdom down under

The messy and less prosperous part of Temple View is now hidden by a new wall. The wall  elevation has been carefully engineered  to allow just the the roofs of six prosperous homes to float above its reveal. The faithful from out of town can now drive through the tunnel of “sparkle” without the discomfort of seeing any of the ills of how less prosperous and real people live. The new temple “view”.

Reminds me of visiting Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom. The great and spacious stake center with a full sized basketball court will soon be the center of the kingdom. Three wards can be consolidated into one so that at least 2/3rds of the spacious chapel is occupied on Sunday. Three roundabouts and the new lake will provide excellent car and motorbike club treasure hunt gatherings  on the weekends.

You and I helped pay for this Magic Kingdom down under. And you thought tithing was for building up the kingdom of God. $100 million and counting for the fence to protect the environs of the temple.

Welcome to the New Tithing Doctrine.




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