The NO RENT restrictive covenant is a license to discriminate

From an anonymous source that is in the know:

  • The NO RENT covenant has been waived for certain people to facilitate their bank financing.
  • Some not all.
  • The no rent policy will be waived if you go on a mission for the church
  • It will not be waived if you don’t go on a mission
  • We may let you rent the house to a good “prosperous” Mormon family
  • If you move you will most likely have to sell the house
  • We cannot sell a home to someone who is not an active member of the church
  • We can not have people drinking beer and smoking this close to the temple
  • Temple attendance has declined by 40% over the past seven years.
  • Wards are now being assigned specific days to go to the temple.
  • Some sessions have fewer than 10 people.
  • There is a problem with the water supply to the temple which results in toilets not flushing and the laundry being closed.
  • This is clear evidence that the $100 million experiment in social and spiritual      outside / in engineering, to increase temple attendance, is a failure.






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