$100 Million & Counting = Keeping up Appearnaces

Thanks to our anonymous sources for their regular updates.

Young men  in New Zealand have not served missions because their families did not have $8,000.00  in the  bank for support.

Yet we can  spend $50 MILLION + in sacred tithing funds on a new roads and three roundabouts in Temple View.

That is the equivalent of supporting 5,000 missionaries for two years.

Families are going without the necessities of life as they sacrifice and suffer to pay their tithing. Without food, clothing, school supplies and unpaid utilities.

While we build the Taj Mahal of Stake Centers for a stake that does not meet the active membership statistics that every other unit of the church must meet to qualify for a new building.

  • There is a Temple View ward with only 80 active members.
  • Four wards could be combined into two
  • This would save $40 million that is being spent on a new chapel and lake.
  • And a full size  basketball court to boot, which has not been included in any chapel constructed around the world in the past 20 years.

financial crisis-and-its-effects-on-public-funding

The War in Heaven (3)



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