We are doing this to bring more people to the temple

Protect the environs of the temple.

We did not ask them to close the school, fix the roads or knock down the houses. There is nothing that can be done on the outside of the temple doors that impacts what happens on the inside, because the Temple is about the heart. (Temple Department employee in Salt Lake)

Temple attendance has steadily declined since the school was closed in 2009. Closing the temple on certain days has been considered. Wards are now being ASSIGNED to attend the Temple.

It appears that the millions spent on road improvements and new homes have yet to have the intended impact of changing hearts and bringing people back to the temple.


Because it’s a pseudo ideology invented by employees of PRI to perpetuate and create busy work. The Church would bankrupt itself if it embarked on a similar program to protect the environs of the Los Angeles and New York temples.

Temple View



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