Ye have done it unto me

While millions of dollars are being spent on the Potemkin memorial to the labor missionaries in Temple View, there are living Labor Missionaries in our midst who are suffering daily in silence. Challenged with  dementia and the infirmities of old age, too many and even one is too many, are in institutional care with very few visitors or their care givers are without the resources to provide dignified, safe and loving care.

Last week my father visited one of his labor missionary friends, living in the shadows of the Temple, and was brought to tears at the sight of the appalling conditions.

His comments to me were:

  • do unto others as you would have them  do unto you
  • someone should be horsewhipped for treating their  loved one like this
  • Where is the home teacher?
  • Where is the support and care from the relief society?
  • Is this person not a  child of God, a REFUGEE?
  • We love the labor missionaries are words falling on deaf ears
  • They only care about building a memorial to their pride and vain ambitions.

My father contacted the Bishop who was not aware of the situation.

My cousins in Auckland who are not members of the church provide loving and tender care in their homes to their aged mother who is blind. Who are the followers of Christ? Who is ACTIVE and who is INACTIVE?







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