How firm a foundation???

The Spin

  1. The platform has not been meeting our expectations.
  2. It started to settle in certain isolated areas.
  3. The panels were point loading above expectations.
  4. Initiating some additional structure in the foundation level to support the structure more robustly.
  5. The construction issues have been resolved.
  6. Parts of the foundation are being revised to make sure the building is ok.
  7. All of the peat has  been removed.

Plain English translation.

  1. The footings did not hold the static weight of the concrete walls.
  2. They sank into the ground and now all of the footings are suspect.
  3. The footing and foundation design has failed.
  4. The entire foundation needs to be redesigned to keep the building from sinking into the peat or collapsing in an earthquake.
  5. The construction issues have not been resolved. We are waiting for an engineer from the USA to arrive to tell us what to do.
  6. The entire foundation will need to be revised to make sure the building is safe.
  7. All of the peat has not been removed

Is God trying to send us a  message?





1 Comment

  1. I am definitely not one of the deluded who believes or claims that the Temple View project is the mind and will of God or is directed under divine prophetic instruction through the Prophet. But for those that do believe one or the other or both – Did God not know the plan was faulty? Does His omniscience not cover chapel construction? Why didn’t the Prophet receive divine instruction regarding the faulty plans? Does his prophetic and revelatory gift and authority not extend to chapel construction? Was is it the Prophet or God that had a day off when divine prophetic instruction on this matter went missing? Are they both back on the clock now?

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