Concrete panels were removed from the new chapel in Temple View, because of problems with the footings and foundation

Installing then removing the large concrete structural wall panels, because they began sinking into the soil is very serious.  It brings the structural integrity and safety of the entire building into question. What else has been under designed?

Locals have been told, don’t worry, we have built BIGGER FOOTINGS to solve the problem and stop the walls from sinking into the ground. Bigger footings is just a band aid and a very troubling professional response.

This is a major design failure and cannot be fixed by just building bigger footings. The sub soils  could not support the static load of one, two and three panels. The soils are the real problem not the footing.

This is irresponsible, negligent and reckless because the concrete panels began sinking into the ground without being connected to the adjacent walls or the roof load.  During an earthquake or strong winds and rain,  all of the connected and lateral loads will be multiplied and the building could collapse.

The footing problem is related to the unstable peat soils, and if you care more about the life and safety of people more than ego,  then the building will have to be totally redesigned and built at a different location. My father along with a few others tried to tell church employees not to build on the peat soils.

And if you allow me the same liberty often taken by church employees to connect some spiritual message to the matters at  hand. God is not pleased and he  will continue to withhold his divine intervention until honesty, integrity and charity return to this process.

The David O McKay building, built with love by volunteers, stands solid and sound after 50 + years while in 2016, consultants and construction professionals cannot get a concrete wall to stand on the designed footing for more than one week. This speaks volumes.

Concrete wall panels installed.


Concrete wall panels removed.





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  1. The possibility of this exact issue was brought to the attention of the Church years ago. It doesn’t really matter if they fix the issue. The fact that the original plans didn’t properly cater for the issue speaks volumes.

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