The wall of shame

This wall now “protects the temple” patrons and  visitors  from having to see how less prosperous people live in Temple View. No cars parked on the grass, no barbecues, no children playing in the streets and no older homes in view. Temple View is now invisible.

A church employee told me that once they finish enhancing the environs of the temple people will come back to the temple because they don’t have to look at the shabby homes and cars parked on the lawns.

The “Potemkin Village” and corridor of keeping up appearances will soon be highlighted by the roofs of new homes, three spiffy roundabouts,  the Taj Mahal of chapels with a full size basketball court and  a meditation lake / child magnet.

The community said no to the lake. Church employees who do not live in Temple View said we know better and a lake will look cool between the chapel and the temple.

The real risk and associated liability from a child drowning in the new lake dwarfs the exaggerated and fabricated risk and liability of the David O McKay Building falling down in an earthquake. Truth is clothed in clarity.

20160321_142934 (2)




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  1. So when is the Church going to purchase the Caltex service station and the old shabby buildings that sit directly across the road from the Sydney temple so as to enhance its environs?

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