A word or two from Aunty Dawn K Wasson

Goooood morning Hawaii ame Honua Nei wokeup with a spiritual reminder “God dwells in a house of order.” Whew, a big order but can do. So inspired I started moving things and we don’t realize we accumulate so much things. Yesterday I went to court for a settlement with Property Reserves which was a farce. PRI wants us to remove the bones of my husband and over 30 Kupuna buried in our family burial site. We repeatedly stated we cannot and will not remove these graves its a desecration of our ancestors. No, the attorneys from Bays, Rose, Holma etc and the attorney from Utah, Kirton and McConkie insisted these graves be removed from their property. Interesting argument they own these properties since arriving in Laie 1865. Kanaka Maoli were here but no consequence those properties are ours, those graves on our land and you need to get rid of them. Well the burial site the last two Kupuna were buried in 1921 and 1917 and everyone else prior to that. There is no poe haole that we know of buried there. No foreigner we know of who’s name is not mentioned. In fact the Mormon entities PRI and Hawaii Reserves do know who’s buried there. No consequence we not concerned we want those graves removed. This legal argument is a telling of a Worldwide Church Mormonism that contradicts its basic foundation: A promise of Life After Death. Temple Work. Sealing Marriages for time and alll eternity. Genealogy for the Dead. The legal process that a World Religious organization such as the Mormon Church and its representatives would step into the caverns of greed, materialism, economic power to use the court system to achieve that kind of power is a desperate attempt to tell the world how powerful the Mormon Church have become so distorted from their original foundation.

A widow’s mite, remember that. Accountability. These men who stand in the court of law and hold the Melchizedek priesthood you have stepped beyond the realm of your authority. To all the men who raised your right hand, remember my name Dawn K. Wasson, in the name of Father, the Son and Holy Spirit I call upon God, to remove your authority for your failure to protect, defend and be of service to the poor, elderly and widow. We are defenseless and your men who profess to hold the priesthood have violated your sacred oath. This I dclare at the sake of my life.


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  1. Indigenous people from a number of countries gifted land to the Church for its building program. Many Chapel here in New Zealand are on land gifted by Maori, my own children’s great-grandmother gifted land for a Chapel site. In consequence of receiving hundreds of acres of land for free (due to the charity of humble and economically impoverished indigenous people) surely the Church can do something similar in return. At the very least couldn’t it simply cut out a few acres and gift it to the people so they can keep their family burial sight? How much of an impact could this possibly have on the behemoth economic empire that is the Church?

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