The 14th Article of Faith

From the Presiding Bishopric and Property Reserve Inc.

In light of the fact that this public statement was printed in  a national magazine, I respectfully invite Mr Keith B McMullen to debate Mr John Campbell on this matter.


The War in Heaven (8)






This pseudo-ideology is behind the City Creek-ification of Temple View, New Zealand:

  • It’s a man-made philosophy that discriminates
  • Lacks charity
  • Is prideful
  • Elevates keeping up appearances
  • Is indefensible
  • Represents all that Jesus Christ preached AGAINST.

My repeated requests to Mr McMullins office for clarification have been met with the following one word reply NO!

Link to the Bloomberg article:

To Protect the Temple from what?

From a blog post defending using tithing funds for more prosperous folks  to  move to Temple  View.

This is a social-economic cultural issue. It’s a proven fact around the world, where humans live,that investment and revitalizing an area attracts prosperous persons who want to maintain beautiful surroundings. Such development preserves the area.

Such principles have been applied and reapplied around the world by cities, governments, and nations. Revitalizing a city’s urban core has proven to reduce crime, poverty, excessive illegal drugs, prostitution, etc.

Is the City of Hamilton offering to pay for it? No. Is the land of Aotearoa willing to pay for it? No. Who is going to pay Ra? The Saints are going to invest in their families’ future. They alone have the interest of protecting the Temple area.

As I stated before, this investment is no different than investing in a fence. But, this new fence is just more costly to effectively do its job. It would be absurd to argue that the Temple “grounds” fence doesn’t qualify as tithing fund appropriate.

The goal of the Church is to protect Hamilton’s Temple area. That’s the first and foremost for long term planning for the next 50 years. The Church would NOT have done this just on a financial basis alone. Do you clearly understand that? This isn’t a speculative venture in the middle of nowhere – it is the area surrounding the TEMPLE of OUR GOD – it is to protect one of his Temples.



  1. I would love to publicly debate Keith B. McMullin on his sacrilegious and egregious use of false doctrine. My only stipulation would be that all arguments and all positions must come from the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants. Does anyone think he would be up for it?

    1. Absolutely.

      Surely he has nothing to fear from the likes of me. I am a nobody and a no one. He is a somebody and a someone. He should be able to squash me like a bug if he has the truth on his side. Surely he has nothing to fear from the likes of me.

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