“A lie is any communication given to another with the intent to deceive.” Marvin J Ashton.

The INTENT of these carefully crafted statements is to mislead. Every statement is 50% to 100% incorrect because it does not tell the complete story. Truth is clothed in CLARITY.

Interesting in light of the temple recommend question, related to honesty and integrity. “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow men?” 

If these stories were one-offs from 5 years ago then I could walk away and chalk it up to a misunderstanding.

But they continue in 2016 to underpin everything that is happening today in Temple View. A few weeks ago a church leader asked  me if I knew  that……………………………………????? I replied that is not true and I can send you the proof. He looked confused and said ….well it doesn’t matter, the brethren have approved everything.

  1. We need to protect the temple environs with a fence of economic development so that more prosperous people can live closer  to the temple. We can’t have the ills of poverty, drugs, prostitution, crime etc so close because it stops people from attending the temple. Prevarication
  2. Tithing funds are being used to pay for all of the projects in Temple View. False: This rumor was spread in so-called firesides all across New Zealand to silence the questions. Saints were told that if you question how sacred tithing funds are being spent, then you are questioning the brethren and God. In an email a general authority in Utah told me that tithing funds are only being used for the new chapel and nothing else. Thus we have these two conflicting stories. When I asked if the church would issue a statement to clarify the confusion he said NO.
  3. The David O McKay Building looks like a freezing works or animal slaughter house. (Source: Osborne Hay historical report) Speechless
  4. After 60 years the David O McKay Building is now so dangerous that it could fall down and kill people at any moment. The Big FAT Lie!
  5. It will cost $75 million to fix the David O McKay Building. False: this number was fabricated to scare governments and people off. It worked very well.
  6. The building was offered to Hamilton City to be used a a community recreational facility, and they said no. Imprecise: The way in which it was offered was designed to solicit a negative response. Here is an engineering (false) report detailing why the building needs $75 million in immediate repairs ….it is dangerous and could fall down at any moment …. do you want the building? NO THANKS!
  7. The building was offered to the New Zealand Department of Education, and they said no. Imprecise: See #6
  8. “David O McKay was of significance to LDS only.” (Source: Osborne Hay  report). Paid for and distributed by the church. False: John F Kennedy visited President David O McKay in Salt Lake City three days before he was assassinated. He was beloved by many world leaders. 
  9. These homes are functionally obsolete. False: A dozen of these homes were maintained properly and still provide safe housing today.  The others were allowed to fall into a state of disrepair or planned obsolescence.
  10. “The roof of the David O McKay Building has been condemned.” False: It has not been condemned. We forwarded the email from the Hamilton City planner to church leaders and employees in January 2016 …  no response. 
  11. We are going to remodel and sell the teachers homes. Imprecise: Bishop Davies was telling my father this on October 18 2012. While in New Zealand they were evicting families to demolish the homes. The right hand did not know what the left hand was doing.
  12. The 400 plus signatures on Lilly’s petition were fabricated. There are only two or  three people who question the plans for Temple View. False
  13. We don’t know who stole the petition from Lilly’s store. Imprecise
  14. All  of the chapel steeples need to be replaced because they were not constructed correctly and pose an earthquake risk after 50 years. False: Beca and their contractors made millions using false engineering reports that were never questioned. They thought they could get away with it on the David O McKay Building, but they were caught and exposed. The original cinder block steeple built by the labor missionary bricklayers at the Fosters Road chapel in Temple View stands solid as a testimony of this deception. I knew Elder Bradshaw who was the supervisor of the bricklaying crew. Hundreds of his brick and mortar steeples in the USA stand as a testament to his skill and craftsmanship. But in New Zealand, they pulled them all down to make money.
  15. The unskilled labor missionaries did not follow the plans.False: We found the original plans and they followed the detail sheets to the letter.
  16. The architect had no earthquake design experience. False: Edward O Anderson designed the Los Angeles Temple. It was completed before he started designing the New Zealand temple.
  17.  The roof trusses are not connected to the concrete columns. False: they are connected are per the design specifications. We took pictures and sent them to the church 6 years ago. No response.
  18. We must protect the temple from people who park on their front lawns and barbecue on the front porch. Imprecise
  19. The Girls dorms are not temple appropriate housing. Imprecise and discriminatory against poor people who can not afford to pay $60.00 a night to stay in the Temple View Motel. They were paying $10 a night at the Girls dorms, brought their own bedding and shared the kitchen and bathroom facilities. American culture is not a one or shared bathroom culture.
  20. Temple patrons like to see new homes close to the temple because it enhances the temple experience. Dumb & Stupid
  21. This is the only location on the 1000 acres owned by the church on which the soils are stable enough to build a new stake center. Imprecise
  22. The Prophet makes all of the decisions for Temple View, we just implement them. False: Consulting reports were generated to support locally made decisions. These recommendations were sent to Salt Lake City for approval. They came  back as revelations.
  23. Living oracles have decided to demolish all of the buildings and return the land to the sheep and cows. In 2009 the living oracles changed their minds.
  24. In exchange for the FREE lumber from your forest blocks up north we agree to not demolish any of the buildings. False: Sixty years have passed and we have changed our minds. We will not be keeping the promise that we made to the Witehira brothers 60 years ago. But we expect you to keep your promises and covenants or you will not be getting a temple recommend.
  25. We had to take that young man to court because he stole the old rugby uniforms. We didn’t take the consulting companies to court because they didn’t steal anything. They were just imprecise. False: The judge dismissed the case against the young man who came forward on his own to confess about taking the rugby uniforms. The consulting companies have stolen millions of dollars in fees,  time and lost opportunities. They should be taken to court. Why is there a double standard?
  26. This is not a fireside to solicit political support and submissions for Temple View. Imprecise
  27. We have accepted every invitation to consult with the community. Imprecise
  28. You don’t live in Temple View so why should we listen to you?
  29. No Ra Puriri Snr you cannot see the structural engineering report because its confidential. Imprecise: They did not want him to see it because it disparaged the labor missionaries. When we finally got a copy and he read through the report he cried.
  30. Some labor missionaries, like Ra Puriri Snr, are not good members of the church because they ask too many questions and they don’t follow the prophet. A public insult to my father’s honor and our families good name. Church leaders and employees sat in silence. No one apologized to my father.
  31. Families should not be living in a house with one bathroom. Ignorant, insulting and culturally discriminatory.
  32. We have answered all of your questions. False: None of my questions have ever been answered. I have asked  church leaders repeatedly to send me the answers that church employees claimed they have sent to me. Never received a response.

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