Whoever signed document (2) forgot the “o” or “n” in President Monson’s signature

(1) Invitation to watch General Conference. February 2016.



(2) Request to cancel the annual independent accounting audit of church finances in New Zealand after 60 years. Less oversight and accountability.

June 2011


February 2016


Who signed President Thomas S Monson’s name on this request to the New Zealand government in 2011?  To reduce oversight and the checks and balances over church finances in New Zealand?

It’s  clearly not the same signature.

All three signatures of the first presidency are on document (1) This is the protocol. Only President Monson’s signature was on document (2) 






  1. Samples 1 and 3 are clearly identical, indicating an autopen, which is fairly common in executive and political ranks. Sample 2 retains enough identifying characteristics to likely be authentic, though more non-autopen samples should be provided.
    Given that, This assertion is groundless.

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