How can a family live with one bathroom?

A few years ago a church employee from Utah asked me … Why do people park on their front lawns in Temple View? Why do they barbecue on the front porch? How can a family live with one bathroom? He continued … everyone can see this from the main road leading to the temple. It doesn’t look very good. We need to do something about this.

And HE / THEY did. THEY evicted the 30 families who parked on the front lawn and barbecued on the front porch. THEY demolished 30 affordable homes and started building new homes for more prosperous people. All in the name of keeping up appearances and PROTECTING the temple from poor people and the ills of poverty, such as barbecuing on the front porch. ha.

Is this a form of economic, social and cultural DISCRIMINATION? Colonialism at its worst in 2015. Barbecue Freedom! Parking Freedom! One Bathroom Freedom!



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