The slippery slope of socail, economic and spiritual engineering

The social, economic and spiritual engineering experiment in Temple View is not going so well.  One might think that the living oracle has lost interest.

  • There is only one house under construction after millions of $$, of the widows mite, spent on planning, consulting reports, infrastructure upgrades, new rounds and roundabouts.
  • Thanks to the efforts of the Temple View Historical Society, not the living oracle, the Mendenhall Library is being re-purposed as a church history library.
  • The road works are over budget and schedule.
  • The goal to double the population of Temple View has yet to scratch back the losses from the 30 families evicted from the teachers homes in 2012.
  • There has been no local economic vibrancy.
  • The value of existing homes in Temple View have been lowered by the economic engineering attempts to keep up appearances and create a new housing market that does not really exist.
  • A builder who lives in Temple View asked to be included as one of the approved builders and he was told no.
  • There remains one approved builder with a monopoly on home options and pricing. He recently quoted $750,000.00 for a small 200 sq meter home.
  • In June of 2015 city planners, citing the lack of housing demand in Temple View, denied a request from the church to spend $700,000 on a master plan for the area.
  • The most recent RMA application has been put on hold after 6 months.
  • The David O McKay Building waits patiently to be re-purposed into a vibrant community recreation facility.
  • There is a mega stake center being built with a full sized basketball court. If there is little housing demand and no growth in the population of Temple View …  is it really needed? Stake conference is held in two or three buildings in every other stake in the church, not one building built to hold 1,200 people twice a year.
  • This is your tithing dollars at work in New Zealand.

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