In matters of real estate it appears that the free market rules this domain not God.

Only because God doesn’t care about such worldly matters. If  he cared there would be 50 homes under construction in Temple View not one.

Church employees and their consultants appeared quite surprised when they were told by Hamilton City planners in April … “No we will not be spending $700,000 on a master plan for the area around Temple View, as you have requested, because compared to other areas in the City there is little to no demand for housing in Temple View. We will be spending our limited funds focusing on the areas of real growth in Hamilton. You are welcome to spend your own money for the Temple View study if you wish.”

A sobering reminder to church employees and their consultants that the free market rules this domain not God. This is why you have been unable to sell all of the next 16 homes.  Perhaps we could stop spending tithing funds on the pursuit of PROFIT.


The War in Heaven (8)

































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