“To further protect the sanctity and environment of the Temple and to re-purpose the previous school property in a way that complements and enhances the long term family life and economic vitality of the Temple View and New Zealand Church Community”

Ten years, evicted 30 families from affordable housing and millions spent on consultants, salaries, travel, marketing, infrastructure upgrades, roundabouts and sales. What has been accomplished in Temple View?

  • 10 new white homes
  • Less people living in Temple View
  • Unable to sell any of the next 16 homes
  • The RMA application for the next phase of housing has been put  on hold after 6 months
  • One approved builder building homes that less than 1% of the population can afford
  • Zero impact on economic vitality
  • Impact on long term family life is immeasurable
  • The sanctity of the Temple was never under threat
  • Doubling the population of Temple View could take 100 years
  • There will never be a return on investment

If this was a private sector business it would be in bankruptcy. This is a failing Church business being propped up by sacred tithing funds. We are silent and complicit with our heads in the sand, hoping that God will make it possible for hundreds of families to go into debt and move to Temple View. God does not care about making money. God does not care about selling houses. God does not care about roundabouts. God does not care about a mega stake centre with a full sized basketball court. God not care about keeping up appearances and other such earthly matters. God only cares about charity, love and telling the truth.




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  1. Protect the sanctity of the Temple? How exactly does the liquor licence, that the Church representatives obtained for the TV developent, protect the sanctity of the temple? How exactly does governmental permission to sell booze enhance the long term family life of TV and the NZ Church community? Further still, how does the Churchs rejection of the TVHS request for a restriction on the sale of alcohol, tobacco and pornography align with the stated goal of protecting the sanctity of the temple and the long term family life of the TV and NZ communities? Anyone who supports the TV development also supports the sale of items that are diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; alcohol, pornography and cigarettes go hand-in-hand with the project, you cannot support one and not the other. If anyone needed any more evidence that the TV project is a project of man’s design and has nothing whatsoever to do with God surely now has all the evidence they need. Its either that or God is quite happy for his children to sit down in front of their televisions watch hard core pornography while smoking cigarettes and sucking down beer…all within the shadow of the Temple. The supporters of the TV development cannot have it both ways, either God is in favor of porn, smokes and booze and has directed His servants to make these things available to his children, on grounds that were consecrated by the Prophet David McKay, all supposedly with the objective of protecting the sanctity of the Temple and the long term family life of the community, or He has nothing to do with the project. The conduct, hypocrisy and obviously intentional deception of the goons in charge of the TV project is an abomination. That many persons have used the name of Jesus Christ or claimed “God’s Will” in an attempt to justify and/ or support this development shows just how low some will go to serve Mammon. It seems that blasphemy is par for the course.

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