I attended general conference in Salt Lake City in October 2015 and raised my hand to oppose the sustaining of area authorities. The South Pacific Area presidency is unable to answer any of my questions. My requests to meet with church leaders in Salt Lake City have been denied. It appears that some church leaders have no interest in protecting free agency and helping a person find answers to their questions, as counseled by Elder Nelson.

Elder Nelson:

Let me make sure that you are hearing my epistle and that you understand this important point. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions or investigating our history, doctrine, and practices. The Restoration began when Joseph Smith sought answers to his sincere questions.

Parents; Young Men and Young Women leaders; Church teachers, including seminary, institute, and BYU religious educators; bishops; and Relief Society and stake presidents: When someone comes to you with a question or a concern, please do not brush the question off—do not tell him or her to not worry about the question. Please do not doubt the person’s dedication to the Lord or His work. Instead, help the person find the answers to their questions.


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