Report from the fly on the wall

  • Temple View house prices have risen by 30%
  • From $300,000.00 to $400,000 to $500,000
  • There are no plans for affordable low income homes
  • After spending  6 years and $millions on planning, design and marketing consultants
  • Only 10 people have qualified for new homes.
  • Benefit ratio is $millions / 10
  • The demand has been underwhelming
  • Members all over New Zealand are being pressured to go into debt just to live in Temple View.
  • This plan does not appear to be sustainable
  • The septic tank at the the new campground was installed incorrectly. To high so there was no slope on the pipes. PRI used tithing funds to pay the contractor to dig it up and install it correctly. They paid for the job twice.
  • “Imprecise yet accurate” is the new PRI motto

Imprecise while Accurate


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