Mormonomics is manipulating the free market in Temple View New Zealand with your tithing contributions

A pattern of duplicity and foreseeable deceptions from the discredited Beca and Osborne Hay consulting reports to the most recent conflicting stories about the use of scared tithing funds, have exposed the dark underbelly of colonial unrighteous dominion in New Zealand. The self fulfillment of a uniquely Mormon not Catholic prophesy. (D&C:121)

Thirty families have been evicted to accommodate new $450,000.00 homes for the rich.  Adding insult to injury they were “lovingly”  stripped of their rights to free speech as New Zealand citizens. Sign this document or else??

The Prophet said to remodel the functionally obsolete teachers homes and sell them to the local people. Church employees ignored the Prophet, evicted the families and demolished their homes.

These families are the beaten travelers laying in the middle of the road and we step over them as we rush to keep up appearances and to obey the will of church employees. They wait bleeding and SILENCED, for a community of courageous and charitable Good Samaritans to come to their rescue.

Join us in this rescue effort.

Start by not being silent and raising your voice.

If you signed one of the agreements to not speak out, tear it up and throw it in the garbage can.

sweep under the rug


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