Conducting meetings such as this under the guise of a Fireside

Redoubt Road Fireside / Mon, 29 Jul 2013

Hi Brother Money and Brother White

I am writing with regards to the Fireside that was held at Redoubt Road on Sunday 20th July 2013.

It was disappointing to see Saints and Investigators arrive at a fireside hoping to enjoy a spiritual experience. Unfortunately the only time I heard the Lords name mentioned was during the closing comments and opening and closing prayers.

The rest of the time was taken up by presenting slides and seeking support from members for the planned new changes to Temple-view. The meeting concluded at 8.50pm which made it a long night for the children that were brought along.

Conducting meetings such as this under the guise of a Fireside, especially on the Sabbath day is highly inappropriate and no missionary work can be gained from this. Firesides held on Sunday are attended by Saints to listen to a speaker on a religious topic. This meeting did not qualify under that topic.

There was absolutely no spiritual content and uplifting spirit present on the night. On few occasions an eerie silence instead.

This day is set apart as the Lords day, not a day to drum up support or political gain on plans that relating to Temple-view residents.

 Meetings such as this are viewed as public meetings which should not be conducted on the Sabbath day. They should be held on other business days and the content behind the meeting should be advertised correctly. This meeting left people confused and disappointed.

The proposed Stake Centre will benefit Temple-view residents.

Using the point that it will benefit youth around New Zealand as a selling point to gain support from members nationally for the new plans is inappropriate. This Stake Centre will be gathering point for the Youth of Hamilton.

Might I make a recommendation that these meetings no longer be held under the umbrella of a “Fireside” especially on the Sabbath Day.

You may find it has the opposite effect to what you were wanting.

Kindest Regards


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