Integrity is telling the truth in a timely manner and without spin



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  1. In General Conference many years ago Marion Romney quoted William Penn, “When thou art obliged to speak, be sure to speak the truth; for equivocation is half-way to lying, as lying the whole way to hell.”

    The outright lies and equivocations that have been told are now so numerous and so profound as to almost defy belief. I am sure that some of the people who are involved in the lies and skulduggery think they are doing the right thing. Some may even think that they are “Lying for the Lord”. However, there is a very significant problem with “Lying for the Lord”. The ever increasing grey colour of the line between right and wrong inevitably and unavoidably results in Lying to the Lord.

    Dallin Oaks said, “A lie is also furthered when one remains silent in a circumstance where he or she has a duty to speak and disclose. In other words, a person lies by concealing when he or she has a duty to reveal. Some relationships and some circumstances create such a duty.”

    Those of us who know that lies are being told must bring those lies to light. Our silence makes us a party to those lies, makes us supporters of those lies, gives consent to the lies and to the liars and makes us liars ourselves. My thanks to Ra, Peter and others who are following the words of a Latter-day Apostle and fulfilling their duty by revealing those lies.

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