Cognitive Dissonance

The propaganda from church employees …. Sacred tithing funds are being used for the redevelopment project in Tempe View.

The official spin from Church PRI in Salt Lake…Tithing funds are absolutely not used for these kinds of projects.

The left hand / mouth has no clue what the right hand / mouth is doing.This causes great internal stress, upheaval, denial and suffocates love and compassion. It is the inner turmoil that sent the pharisees running past the beaten traveler, consumed with the busyness of pride and keeping up appearances.

This was at the root of the Great Apostasy. Apostasy is the absence of the light of Christ and leaders that listen with their heads and not their hearts.. When there are no questions, there is no faith, because fearless faith is only relevant in the moment, as the Good Samaritan demonstrated. The inquiring mind took Joseph to the grove of trees.

The Pharisees in the story were apostates and cowards. Ding Bats.

All common sense, connections, relationships, moral integrity in the moment, kindness, respect, love and compassion and context are thrown out the window for control and power.

(Consonant relationship – Two cognitions/actions that are consistent with one another)



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