PRI employees teaching false doctrine in New Zealand about building a relationship with Jesus Christ. New Zealand campgrounds are not Mormon Youth appropriate.

When the youth in New Zealand come to this campground next to the Temple they will get closer to God than if they went to another campground in the Bay of Islands. That is because they will be able to see the Temple every day and will be reminded that this is the house of the Lord.

This PRI spin and hogwash is designed to blur the spiritual with the temporal and justify spending millions of dollars of the widows mite on a super sacred  Utah appropriate campground. Like the dorms that have been labeled by the Temple Department as NOT being temple appropriate housing, the thousands of campgrounds across New Zealand are not Mormon Youth appropriate.

Hide your light under a bushel at the new temple appropriate campground. Built with sacred tithing funds to boot. You can buy anything with money.

This worldly philosophy is broadcast from the Great and Spacious Building. You have to come into our building to get closer to God. You have to come into our campground to get closer to God. The Pharisees listened to this Babylon ideology as they rushed by the beaten traveler. Are you listening? Don’t be fooled by these pretenders who seek job security and endless worldly projects in the name of God. They are using our money. and are accountable to nobody.  Dare ask them a tough question and see what happens.



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