This is how Property Reserve Inc and church employees are treating the legacy of the labor missionaries In New Zealand. Keeping up appearances and “sparkle”. Profit before people.

  • The homeless person represents the labor missionaries (truth) who are being used as scapegoats.
  • Like the pharisees in the story of the Good Samaritan, church employees walk by without stopping to help.
  • They ease their consciences by telling themselves, each other and the rest of us with press releases, that they will build a homeless shelter/ legacy park to help/honor the homeless/labor missionaries.
  • They will use tithing money donated by the man laying on the street to build a homeless shelter/legacy park
  • Unrighteous dominion, pride and keeping up appearances
  • A readers comment reminded me that Jesus did not get rid of the poor and homeless from the steps of the temple
  • His rage was directed to the money changers, bankers, developers and profiteers

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