President Monson said to the saints in Europe … What would ye have me do?

Cognitive Dissonance

  • Our sons would like to go missions when they are 18 years old
  • The Prophet said lets try it in your country and see what happens
  • They tested the idea for several years
  • You know the rest of the story
  • Trickle up inspiration from the bottom to the top
  • A church employee in the missionary department got quite upset at me when I shared this story with him
  • No your making that up … Jesus appeared to the Prophet in the Temple and told him to make this change
  • His faith was shaken at the thought that a Prophet of God got the idea from a member of the church in Europe
  • Spiritual cognitive dissonance
  • Stress and discomfort increase in proportion to the importance of the beliefs, ideas or values that are contradicted.
  • The truth will set you free not the leader, church employee or manager

Pride is the dotting mother of unrighteous dominion



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