No money for a new computer in Auckland but a full sized basketball court, no problem!

Talked to a sister from Auckland at the Rootstech genealogy conference in Salt Lake. For years she has been working on history and genealogy out of a small space, in an Auckland chapel,  slightly bigger than a closet. For 5 years she has been asking the Church for a new computer to replace the old clunky one that cannot run the new programs.  For 5 years years she has been told there is no money for a new computer.

No such problems finding millions for a mega stake center with a full sized basketball court in Temple View.

$ millions for sparkle buildings and keeping up appearances ….. but ZERO $$$ for turning of hearts to their fathers.

Church employees in Takapuna need to take a 10% pay cut to fund the new computers for the church history and genealogy libraries across New Zealand.

$32 million for salaries and benefits for 140 church employees in 2010. ( NZ Charities)



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