We don’t care about affordable Temple accommodations. If they can’t pay the $60.00 a night to stay at the Temple View motel, that’s to bad for them.

A suggestion was made to remodel the dorms into affordable accommodation for Temple patrons.

Church employees response:  The dorms are not “Temple appropriate accommodations.” 

Temple patrons have been staying in the dorms for several years paying $10 a night.  Now someone has decided that only $60 a night accommodations are appropriate for Temple patrons. This is a subtle form of economic racism.

If you were really interested in increasing Temple attendance, affordable accommodations would be at the top of your list not new $500,000 homes that only the top 1% can afford.

Another example of myopic pride,  unrighteous dominion and a focus on outward wordly appearance.

If the labor missionaries were to all vote today on this question what would they choose?

  • New houses, a lake, legacy park and a full size basketball court
  • OR
  • Remodel the dorms and provide affordable accommodations for Temple patrons and their families. ($10 to $20 a night and bring your own bedding etc)



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