Parable of the Good Samaritan … Who am I?

A few years ago PRI purchased the Temple Motel across from the Ogden Temple in Utah. They demolished it to get rid of the bad people doing bad things so close to the Temple.

  • The CEO of PRI asked me, “do you know what goes on at that motel?”
  • I said no please tell me
  • He said there are people doing drugs and prostitutes.
  • Church members have complained that they have to drive past this motel on their way to the temple. 
  • Some have stopped coming to the temple.
  • We are going to fix this problem, by buying it then demolishing the building.
  • I asked him if Jesus would do this.
  • There was no answer just silence.
  • He knew the answer was no, but he refused to speak the words.



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