The vocal minority saved the Mendenhall Library and GRB Hall from demolition in 2009

Ingratitude and pride result in unrighteous dominion. Thanks to the courage of a few, thousands will be blessed far into the future.

pride who right
Pre 2009 announcement to demolish all of the buildings and return the land to pasture

2008_press_releasCows and Sheep Church leaders can change their minds
Pre 2009 announcement that everything was to be demolished and return the lands to pasture.


  1. Kia Ora Whanaunga Trade Warrior,                                                             Paumea Junior McKay from Mahia here. I was a Labour Missionary along side your dad and 1957-1959, Upon my release I went almost straight into 1 Ranger Squadron New Zealand Special Air Service 1960-1965 . About 180 men up for the ten day rigorous selection course and four of us were selected..I served overseas with the SAS in The South East Asia Theatre. Upon my honourable discharge I then spent 30 months (1965-68) as a full time proselyting missionary Southern Far East Mission headquartered in Hong Kong. Our Mission Field  stretched from Taiwan Mainland China in the east to India in the west and included every country in between excluding Korea, Japan Guam.     In fact the day I started my mission two elders (from Hawaii) were just returning from serving in India. Later in my mission I was called to train the 1st missionaries to Thailand as I had learned Thai as a soldier there in 1962.  We had Mission Homes in Taiwan and The Philippines and they were called Zones of The Southern Far East Mission.     The point of the above is the fact that our mission president was away for many weeks visiting these remote outposts and we missionaries had to be and we were trusted as Officers in The P/Hood and Church Government.     He (President Keith E Garner) had been a Lieutenant  under General MacArthur and had (a) served in the Philippines and (b) a mission in Hawaii (Loved Maori/Hawaiians and their Book of Mormon))      From that background He us. Wilst you are here in the mission field you must study P/Hood and Church Government because you will spend only 30 months as a “Missionary” and the rest of your lives as Officers in The Church Government. So I did study and I have a firm knowledge that under the constitution of Church Government we can peacefully resolve every matter which may innitially divide us. Lest ye are one ye are not mine saith the King of of this Holy Nation (Ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and an holy nation Exodus 19.6)     Therefore I recommend that all of us aquaint ourselves with the constitutional judicial procedures as outlined in P/Hood and Church Government  In THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS    compiled under the direction of THE COUNCIL OF THE TWELVE by JOHN A WIDTSOE of the council of the twelve with Rudger Clawson as President of that Quorum  (and Heber J Grant President of the Quorum of the 1st Presidency) 1939 (revised edition 1954:    The basis of all military tactics is the application of men and weapons to the ground according to the current situation. In other words fire and movement. That is win the firefight, consolidate and fortify our positions so dearly won. then engage (fire and movement) the opposition and take more ground. Repeat the exercise until the war is won. The war is won only when peace has been established. This war began in the pre-existence.      Most acts against The Peace in my opinion is mostly due to our misunderstanding of how to administer (resolve differences) The councils as outlined in P/Hood Church Courts is the only way to righteously correlate, co-ordinate, investigate organize and remedy matters that have become so divisive.      Jesus (Our King) said. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. Just as we need to learn how to process a claim/grievance in the Gentile Pakeha (Caesars Courts)  for impartial adjudication. We need also to learn how to access the Judicial Services of the Church Courts because   the King also said  Do not take your bro to court before the romans, gentiles, pakeha Courts. Know ye not that the Saints will judge the world so can ye not of yourselves remedy these small matters but Bro taketh Bro to court AND BEFORE THE GENTILES, ROMANS PAKEHA COURTS.    The King also said. When thou art at the altar offering thy oblations unto the Lord (Partaking of the sacrament, doing good works (Home Visiting Teaching etc) and rememberest there (while you are doing these good works etc) that thou hast ought against thy neighbor (thats everyone that isn’t you) Leave there the sacrament, your good works etc and go and take the matter between him and thee alone. IF HE RECEIVE THEE, THOU ART RECONCILED (no controversy) Thou hast won thy brother. IF HE WILL NOT RECIEVE THEE, TAKE A WITNESS, If He refuse the witness DELIVER HIM TO THE COUNCIL (in Christs time that was the Sanhedrin in our time it is the Bishop’s Court. High Council Court and upon appeal to the Seat of the 1st Presidency.    Mankind apostatized from sound righteous government and our Father restored his government via Joseph Smith. We believe that Christ will return and reign personally upon the earth his voice will come out of Jerusalem and the central government will be administered out of Zion (Jackson County Misouri)     All the crimes of mans inhumanity to man have always been perpetrated by Public Servants who have an ungodly desire to rule rather than serve. Every Officer in Civil or Church Governments are actually Public Servants and when these servants fail to innitiate and exercise the Judicial Processes then satan steps in and leads us carefully down to hell.     I’m thankful that when you have made public certain letters that you did not publish their names of the parties to it. I add that We need to obtain all the “documents” and present them in Affidavit form firstly to our brother (between us alone) and if he refuse then prep the same Affidavits to a Notary (Witness of our brothers refusal or dishonour) and if he refuse the Notary (witness) then deliver him (or rather the Notarized Documents of Disclosure of claims therein he could not refute, to the Stake or General Council.    Speak to me. Paumea. Kia Ora Whanaunga Trade Warrior


    1. Amen and Kia Kaha. My father sends his love. Send me your phone number. My father would like to call you.

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