The spin and deception continue … Housing Development Allows More Saints & Some Seniors To Live In Temple View

Before 2009

The PRI spin doctors prefer that you not take into consideration the fact that before 2009 there was no demand for new houses or senior living facilities in Temple View. Few could afford such a luxury then and now. With 1000 acres of undeveloped land at their disposal it would have been quite easy to meet such a real demand at several different locations in Temple View. Move a few cows and build a few houses to keep everyone happy. No cows were moved and no new affordable lots were made available.

After the sham Beca structural engineering reports were exposed, the consultants needed ammunition to support their claims and keep the gravy train moving.

Suddenly they discovered a pent up demand from many silent Saints and Seniors, in the top 1% income bracket, to live in Temple View. How convenient. And they all demanded to live in new luxury homes at the same location as the David O Mckay Building or they are going to stay in Auckland.  The building that was named after that prophet who was of significance to LDS people only, not that important. More PRI deception. They also refused to live in lower cost remodeled teachers homes, demanding new homes at an appropriate life style price of at least $400,000.00 plus.

The Church will not have ownership of the land or the new houses. 

Up to now everyone in Temple View and around the world thought that the spiffy development plans created by PRI and their consultants would have the full faith and credit of the Church to bring it all to fruition. As they did with City Creek Center in Salt lake City.

Sorry to disappoint but this will not be the City Creek-ification of Temple View, with a $140 million river, bio engineered fish and a retractable roof. Billions and billions for Utah, but in Temple View your dream project will now ride on the full faith and credit of capitalism, the free market, banks, interest rates and our trusty friend the property speculator.





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