$15 million was never spent on repairs to CCNZ

More interesting information has come to light regarding the superfluous public claim that $15 million was spent over 10 years prior to 2009 on repairs to CCNZ. Former employees have no idea how $15 million was spent when all maintenance and repairs were suspended in 2006.

Where did the $15 million go?

It is very easy to make such outrageous PR claims when you are not obligated to show people any details. I have asked Paul Coward for more details on how our money was spent, but he has refused to comment. Lots of  talk but no accountability is a reflection of the Minion Ideology that is promoted by PRI and their employees.

Shut up follow me and do what you are told!  This is a famous line from a speech given by a guy in a red suit at the beginning of time … He seeks to take away our free agency. I think the money was spent, but not on the school.







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