Made possible by the Temple View Historical Society. Remember the building was slated to be demolished in 2009.

Upgrade Of Former Church College of New Zealand Library
Church To Submit Resource Consent Application

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will submit a resource consent application in the next few days to re-purpose the Mendenh…all Library and first teacher house on the former Church College of New Zealand campus in Temple View, Hamilton.

Subject to Hamilton City Council consent, both buildings will be converted into a Church History Centre. In addition the former library building will include an auditorium for performances and other Church and community events.

The Church’s New Zealand Hamilton Mission offices will be located in another part of the former library building.

Project director Paul Coward says: “There is strong support in the community for the re-purposing of the Mendenhall Library. The building itself has been in continual use for many years and has served as a significant building in the community. Currently it is used by two Latter-day Saint congregations for worship and other meetings and activities. Up until recently daily scripture classes for youth were held in the building.”

“Locals will be pleased to know that the character of these buildings will be kept intact, with the addition of new entrances and foyer,” Mr. Coward said. “The re-purposing will add a new lease of life and further increase their usefulness to Temple View residents and visitors to the area.”

The Church History Centre will include items such as photographs, audio recordings and journals pertaining to New Zealand, Pacific Island and Latter-day Saint histories. Memorabilia from Church College of New Zealand will also be displayed. Mormon missionaries, early members of the Church, labour missionaries who built the Hamilton New Zealand Temple and Church College, teachers and students of CCNZ and others associated with the Church and Temple View will be honoured by the exhibits. The centre will be open to the public and admission will be free.

President of the Church’s New Zealand Hamilton Mission, Charles Rudd, said: “The new mission offices in the Mendenhall Library will be the centre of the mission’s efforts to help Latter-day Saints and others throughout the central North Island.”

“Our 220 missionaries are wonderful young adults and retired couples who are striving to live the teachings of Jesus Christ by helping others through community service and by teaching those wishing to learn.”

The Church has also submitted a Resource Consent for the replacement of six previous teacher houses on the west side of Tuhikaramea Road with new homes to be owned and occupied by former teachers who had previously lived in Church housing.




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  1. My mother, Jeanette Campbell, worked at CCNZ during its construction. She attended the opening of the Mendenhall Library. She was part of the labour missionary gathering outside of the Library who heard Brother Mendenhall speak at this event. Directing his comments toward all those who worked at CCNZ he said that whenever they looked at the Library and saw his name that they should replace it with their own names and consider the Library theirs. At an event that was designed to honour him and his work, Brother Mendenhall chose to acknowledge and honour those who had laboured and sacrificed for the cause. It was an act of pure class, charity and humility, attributes that are conspicuously absent from those who are currently running the circus up at CCNZ. Glad to see that the Jeanette Campbell Library is staying.

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