These are bushels under which we hide our light and cloister ourselves away from the outside world.

A PRI employee stands up in church at a fireside and tells everyone that our young people need a campground where they can see the lights of the NZ Temple at night. And that this campground will bring them closer to God. He may believe that this is true, that is his right, but his belief does not make it so.

No one asks him how he knows this or can he provide detailed information where this has been tried in other parts of the world and how did it go? People are afraid to question him in a chapel on Sunday. There are church leaders here taking notes.

He is not a sustained church leader. He is a well paid employee of a for profit corporation using the chapel as a bully pulpit. He refuses to respond to such questions.

There is no evidence to support his claims, only his stated belief.



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