Blacks and the priesthood the rest of the story …

Proposed Scriptural Basis

Looking for scriptural support, Church leaders found statements in
the Bible and the Pearl of Great Price that allowed the conclusion that
after the Flood the Pharaoh of Egypt was both black and cursed as to
the priesthood, inviting the inference that Pharaoh was cursed as to the
priesthood because he was black. The gaps in logic were bridged with
• God cursed Cain for killing Abel and placed a mark on him.
• Cain’s descendants were black. (The mark, therefore, is
assumed to be blackness.)
• Blackness came upon the Canaanites. (They are assumed to
be descendants of Cain.)
• Pharaoh, descended from Ham and his wife, Egyptus, had
Canaanite blood. (Thus Cain’s bloodline survived the Flood.)
• Pharaoh, although blessed by Noah for righteousness, was
cursed as pertaining to the priesthood. (Thus denial of

Lets not wait 125 years to tell the truth about what has been happening in Temple View. Unrighteous dominion has been swept under the rug with respect to blacks and the priesthood and it lies at the heart of the City Creek-ification of Temple View. Pride, power and control.

sweep under the rug


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