A clear and blatant violation of the separation between church and state is occurring every Sunday in New Zealand. Approved by the Area Presidency, LDS Trust Board and church leaders in Salt Lake City. Never in Utah only in New Zealand.

Circle the word “Support” and write, I support all of the Church’s plans for Temple View, including the new stake centre, road upgrade, new park, and demolition of old school buildings and homes.

  • These instructions are being passed out to members of the church in New Zealand to drum up political support for zoning changes and resource consents.
  • Meetings under the guise of a “fireside” are being held at chapels on Sunday all over New Zealand.
  • This is the worst type of coercion. Religious Coercion.
  • Using the fear of God’s retribution to enslave people with fear and force them to act without thinking, without speaking and without feeling.
  • Is this what Jesus would do?
  • Does this blur the lines of separation between church and state?
  • So why do we sit passively and allow such unrighteous dominion to be imposed on the heads of our brothers and sisters?
  • D&C 121: 33-46
  • Don’t knock, don’t study, don’t search and don’t ask any searching questions
  • You are FREE to do what we tell you to do

stke president
The families evicted from the teachers homes, were forced to sign this agreement in October of 2012

“That you will not oppose the applications for the stake centre and other projects on the campus that will be submitted by the church to the Hamilton City Council”



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