McKay was of significance to LDS only … Edward O Anderson not an architect of note …

Excerpt from the CCNZ demolition application:

untitled 20



McKay was of significance to LDS only.

David O McKay

  • Polynesian Culture Center
  • “no other success can compensate for failure in the home.”
  • An adviser to John F Kennedy

Objectives of the campaign to minimize the legacy of David O McKay.

  • play down as much as possible the contribution, importance and status of David O McKay and Edward O Anderson.
  • Of significance to LDS only
  • imported  and cookie cutter template design …. yes excellent choice of words.
  • Do not mention that Edward O Anderson designed the Los Angeles, London and Swiss Temple …

Propaganda slogans

  1. The buildings are so dangerous I would not send my kids there!
  2. The engineer who did the report does not want to have anything to do with fixing the buildings!
  3. The buildings could fall down at any moment
  4. Danger! Danger! Danger!
  5. $60 million is not a wise stewardship of church funds
  6. Cement blocks are easy to make for untrained missionaries

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